diving at riviera mayaxibalba mayan underworld Diving is a passion and we love diving try snorkeling in mexico get your underwater photos or videos xibalba mayan underworld
private diving at riviera maya mexico

For divers

Medical Insurancedive safetyWe HIGHLY recommend to all certified divers to have a diving insurance before flying to Mexico. This is a good idea, for your own safety, when you are flying to any country. Our recommendation is to get more information from

dive safetywww.dan.org

or with your own diving agency. For students doing recreational diving courses, our insurance covers you during your course(s).

Did you make a maintenance check of your equipment before vacation?

dive safety Before arriving in Mexico with your equipment, take the time to check it and ensure it works before starting your first dive here.

Common tips

(mexico tourist warnings and common sense) Always travel with cautions!
dive safetyTake photocopies from your documents and flight tickets and keep them in separate places during your vacation.
dive safetyAlert! Most places in Mexico will require you to have your passport with you if you wish to exchange currencies.
dive safetyGet your closest embassy's phone number and keep it with you when you travel.
dive safetyGet yourself biodegradable sunscreen and insect repellent.
dive safetyDont keep big amounts of cash with you if not necessary

Traffic & Car rental & Police

dive safetyRenting a car? Take pictures about the cars condition.
dive safetyWhen parking the car do not leave anything valuable visible. Remember, during summer the temperature inside the car is too much for some electronics devices
dive safetyRainy days the roads are REALLY dangerous. Drive safely!
dive safetyKeep an eye the Taxi drivers, they will not see you!
dive safetyCorruption is a big problem in Mexico so please do NOT support it more on your vacations. The local Polices officers stops rental cars and ask money from tourist to their pockets. Follow the speed limits and traffic signs, even the locals wont.
You are the easy target to them if you give a reason.


dive safetyAsk for recommendations a "full" restaurant is a good sign of good food
dive safetyRemember the culture differences, 10-20% tip is REQUIRED in Mexico!
We want you to feel safe and know common mistakes the travelers are doing in Riviera Maya Mexico. Remember we are Mexicos most touristic place and NOT in the area what medias are warning about.