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Cenote - Cavern and Cave diving

Recommended for divers looking for adventures in the Mayan jungle. The most spectacular cenotes in the area surrounded of legends and stories.

Cenotes are the most peculiar aquatic ecosystem of the Yucatan Peninsula. Cenotes are formed by dissolution of the carbonate rock in the karstic platform of the Yucatan Peninsula. This is a half day trip where you can have opportunity to discover and explore the must beautiful flooded cavern system in world. The cenotes are the entrance to an incredible environment, also are a holy places for the ancient local culture and necessary to keep the natural equilibrium in the Yucatan Peninsula. To enjoy this experience you dont need to be a very experienced diver, Open Water Diver is enough; in fact the caverns are NOT 100% overhead or close environment, during the dives you will find multiple big open exits.

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Speleothem commonly known as a cave formation are really abundant in the Cenotes. The most common are:Stalactites are vertical cave formations that grow from the ceiling down and look like icicles.Stalagmites are vertical cave formations that grow from the ground up. They can be wide or narrow, tall or short. Columns are formations which extend from the ceiling to the floor. Sometimes they have been joined for so long that it is hard to tell they were ever separate formations.Flowstone looks like rock that has flowed down like a liquid, and is often described as a frozen waterfall. It can be pure white or it can have a reddish brown color depending on the minerals present.

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